Workshop on Cooperation for Private Land Conservation

The third International Workshop of the ELCN will deal with the topic of “Cooperation for Private Land Conservation”. The workshop will explore examples of successful cooperative models for private land conservation. It will tackle the question of how conservationists, landowners, land users, public authorities and other stakeholders can best work together to foster private land conservation.

Some private land conservation models are explicitly focussed on strengthening the ties between the various stakeholder groups, the exchange of information and resources among the parties concerned, the identification of common goals and the creation of synergies by working together to accomplish these goals. Cooperative private land conservation models can take the form of institutionalised arrangements, such as the German local land care organisations, or regional marketing collectives for high-nature-value farm produce, but they can also represent informal arrangements that rely on personal relationships and trust.

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Please note that participation in this event is on invitation only