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Tilmann Disselhoff

The Use of Conservation Easements in the European Union

Račinska, I., Vahtrus, S.

This study was designed with a purpose to document the current situation in the EU member states as regards to the legislative basis for conservation easements. It was found that in 22 out of 25 countries that were analysed, easements (or variations of this mechanism) can be used to dedicate the property to nature conservation purposes in principle. The study confirms that many promising examples can be found in the EU, letting us conclude that most EU member states can apply the concept of conservation easements within the existing legal framework, with only minor adaptations or additions to existing laws. The main challenge is actually not the legal system themselves, but rather a lack of implementation practice and incentives for testing and wider application of this measure.

Privately Protected Areas and Biodiversity Stewardship in South Africa: Challenges and opportunities for implementation agencies

Dale R. Wright, Candice M.D. Stevens, Daniel Marnewick and Garth Mortimer

This research investigated the challenges facing the conservation agencies implementing the biodiversity stewardship initiative in South Africa, and the opportunities which may be leveraged to further strengthen these organisations.

Colorado Study Tour Report


LIFE and Land Stewardship

Račinska, Barratt, Marouli

Land Stewardship Toolkit

Xarxa de Custòdia del Territori

European Land Stewardship Manual

Xarxa de Custòdia del Territori - XCT