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Partners and Supporters

BurrenbeoTrust Logo

Burrenbeo Trust

The Burrenbeo Trust is a local land conservation charity in Ireland which develops and promotes best-practice models of landscape conservation and engagement. It works closely with the Burren Programme and has a lot of inhouse expertise and experience in engaging stakeholders elsewhere in Ireland and Europe. Burrenbeo Trust is keen to adapt and test its model of ‘farming for conservation’ in the context of other organisations working with private landowners.

Fundatia Orange Logo

Fundatia Orange

Orange Foundation finances programmes that improve the lives of disadvantaged communities. In 5 years of activity, the Orange Foundation invested over 3.5 mil euro in digital education and development projects in rural areas and in education, health or cultural projects for the social integration of people with sensory disabilities.

ILCN logo

International Land Conservation Network (ILCN)

The International Land Conservation Network connects civic and private organizations and people, across boundaries and around the world, to accelerate the protection and strengthen the management of land and natural resources