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Supporting Privately Protected Areas

The IUCN WCPA Specialist Group on Privately Protected Areas and Nature Stewardship and BfN International Academy for Nature Conservation are organising a workshop on supporting Privately Protected Areas from 8 - 12 April on Vilm Island, Germany. 

IUCN with support of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation has developed the first guidelines on Privately Protected Areas. This workshop will discuss - based on the guidelines- how Privately Protected Areas could be further supported, promoted and recognised and how the guidelines can be further disseminated.

Preliminary Agenda

• Develop and articulate an agenda for privately protected areas, including post-2020 CBD targets and World Conservation Congress

• Increase training capacity, based on the Guidelines for Privately Protected Areas, by identifying needs, target audiences and delivery modes for trainings

• Develop and articulate an agenda for nature stewardship, the other half of the specialist group mandate

• Discuss the future of the specialist group itself, widening engagement in IUCN/WCPA and other global institutions

Please find more information on the event website