Training on ecosystem services for site managers

Eurosite, in cooperation with EKLIPSE, is organising a two-day short course, which will provide managers of protected sites with the necessary knowledge and steps to take in achieving Science and Policy collaboration regarding biodiversity and ecosystems services on one hand, and how to put them in practice in the management of protected natural sites on the other, by providing guidance for the integration of ecosystem services into the everyday practice.

The workshop will focus on the:

  • analysis of the concept of ecosystem services in the framework of protected sites;
  • exploration of the importance of ecosystem services in management through identifying why we need to utilise them in protected site management. It also focuses on how to do this through interactive sessions.
  • Showcasing of several examples from study areas around Europe;
  • identification of further training needs on the topic, and the provision of tools which will allow the participants to implement an assessment of needs in their organisation.

An important objective of this short course will be to build connections between scientists and practitioners, who together are able to bring knowledge to practical application.

It furthermore aims to combine participation of site managers, as the primary target group, and scientists which specifically focus on protected area management and the use of ecosystem services for it. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange their views, share experiences and issues they are facing in implementing the concept, and formulate the further steps needed to make the concept better embedded into the everyday practice of protected site management.

The workshop will start at noon on May 8 and will finish around 16:00 on May 9. Full programme of the workshop and the registration form are available on the Eurosite website.

To ensure an equal participation from organisations across Europe, and a balanced audience of practitioners’ vs scientists, the registration process for this event consists of 2 stages. Participants are requested to fill in the registration form expressing their interest to participate. After the closing date, Eurosite and EKLIPSE team will evaluate the applications and make a selection of candidates. All applicants will be informed about the outcome of their application process accompanied with further guidelines to conclude the registration process, in case of a positive reply. To confirm participation, it is required to pay the registration fee.


The event is organised with a significant input from Wageningen Environmental Research. Participants will be invoiced with a participation fee of €60,- for Eurosite members, and €75,- for non-members. The remaining costs will be covered for all participants (i.e. 1 or 2 nights at the hotel including breakfast, 1 dinner, 2 lunches, coffee breaks), through EKLIPSE support. In addition, EKLIPSE will also provide limited travel support to selected participants which face budget restrictions. Please indicate in your application if you would need support regarding travel costs.

Workshop Venue

Wageningen Environmental Research (Alterra), Droevendaalsesteeg 3-3 A, 6708 PB Wageningen, the Netherlands


Kristijan Civic, Eurosite,