Montis update: new land donations and a new Board

ELCN project partner Montis is celebrating the donation of new land to the Montis association, as well as  the installation of a new Board.

For the first time in the history of Montis, 10 plots of land were donated to the association for nature conservation purposes. This was not a donation of thousands of hectares, or a donation of the best land for conservation; this was the generosity of two people who understood that the best destination for those parcels was to donate them to Montis. 
For Montis it is a new and very important step, since we have never received land donations before. Montis remains convinced that the way is: step by step, with the solutions that are possible at that moment, and counting on the generosity of everyone, so Montis can make its best efforts towards strong nature conservation in Portugal. The generous donors are presented in the picture on the bottom of this article.

New Board

There is a new Board leading Montis. Elections took place in December 2019 and the new board has taken the lead of the NGO. The new president is Pedro Oliveira, who was also member of the former board.
Montis intends to keep its mission of bringing the community closer to nature conservation and use volunteering to deploy management in abandoned areas, with the main goal of boosting biodiversity.