New report on tax incentives for private land conservation in Spain

As a result of their work on the pilot action Tax Incentives for Stewardship Agreements, Fundación Biodiversidad has produced a report on the possibilities for tax incentives in Spain, as a useful tool to promote the development of nature conservation initiatives on private land. 

Currently in Spain there are no tax incentives specifically designed for this purpose.
This report collects and updates proposals for tax incentives in this area. The analysis is focused on incentives at the state level, and is especially focused on promoting the concept of land stewardship, although other forms of private conservation are also considered.

For the introduction of tax incentives in this area, it is important to consider the following aspects:

Type of initiatives: in addition to the land stewardship, incentives should target the land located in protected natural areas; or land with sustainable forest management plans; but also certain agricultural and livestock initiatives may be considered for such incentives.

Impact of initiatives: to ensure that they fulfil their purpose, incentives can be accompanied by a series of measures, such as including specific requirements and conditions and linking them to the land where the conservation is carried out (and not their owners); modulating the benefits based on quality or impact of the incentivised measures; establish commitments to maintain and improve environmental values; offer the possibility of splitting deductions into different fiscal years, and prioritise the introduction of benefits specifically designed for nature conservation (instead of expanding the assumptions of application of existing incentives).

Applicability of incentives: the introduction of incentives should be accompanied by appropriate enforcement and verification mechanisms; In this sense, the possibility of creating a public registry of land stewardship agreements, or of private conservation initiatives in general, appears to be especially relevant.