Contributing to academia: the private land conservation concept as an object of study

In the past years, three students of Bologna University in Italy have written their theses on ELCN-related topics or used the LIFE ELCN project as case studies, supervised by Professor of Conservation Finance Stefano Picchi. Stefano is also involved in ELCN through the consortium partner WWF Oasi.  

In December 2019, Francesco Bucceri obtained his master’s degree in “Local and Global Development” with a dissertation titled “The Italian private natural areas and the European Land Conservation Network project”. He analysed the problems and the best management practices concerning private natural areas to support the implementation of the pilot action A.12 of the project on historic heritage and nature conservation in Italy. Please find the thesis (in Italian) here

Rachele Carbone graduated in 2018, and with her research she seeks to deepen the dynamics and strategies of nature conservation in the context of private protected natural areas. During the research she created a collection of the bases for a network for sharing good practices between Italian private natural areas, in correspondence with the aim of our Pilot Action A.12 "Historical Heritage and Nature Conservation". Rachele's thesis is available here (in Italian). 


Another student that recently graduated on the topic is Giada Scuccato. The title of her thesis is: “Approach to European Funds for organisations active in nature conservation”. The aim of this thesis is to provide a first approach to European funding and other funds for organisations active in nature conservation. The first part details the best approaches to employ in researching, selecting, and applying for the funds that best meets their needs, as well as how to write a good proposal. The second part analyses three case studies. One of these is the European Land Conservation Network (ELCN). Please find Giada's thesis here (in English).