Corporate volunteering for private land conservation and a new area for management

ELCN project partner Montis has recently developed 3 volunteering actions with companies that allowed to deploy conservation efforts on two areas managed the NGO: Carvalhal de Vermilhas and baldio de Carvalhais, located in the center of Portugal. The actions took place on the 10th, 13th and 14th of October and accounted a total number of 92 volunteers.

These groups helped to plant a total of 97 native oaks in prescribed burning areas. Together with the acceleration of natural regeneration, actions to improve soil quality and seeding, these new plants will be followed up and managed by future volunteers in order to establish a new landscape mosaic that will boost biodiversity in the area. 

Additionally, Montis is currently negotiating a new agreement with a private landowner that would allow the NGO to manage an additional area of 100 ha in the south of Portugal. The property belongs to the portuguese company ALTRI and the agreement would possibly guarantee the management of the property by Montis for the years to come. On the 17th of November a meeting dedicated to the management of the landscape was held by Montis near the place, and included a visit to the site with all participants to start the discussion of the management plan for the place.