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Expansion of volunteering programme by project partner Montis

Montis, a project partner in LIFE ELCN as well as LIFE ENPLC, is also coordinating the LIFE project “Volunteer Escapes”, which entails the deployment of volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps to support nature conservation and biodiversity activities. 

The project builds on Montis’ previous experience in the hosting and deployment of volunteers and diverse nature and biodiversity conservation activities. Montis’ increasing experience with volunteering programmes plays a key role within the LIFE ENPLC project, as we set out to further civic engagement for private land conservation through the involvement of volunteers on privately conserved land. Montis is currently looking for sponsors and patrons who would be interested in helping them to further expand their volunteering programme. Please reach out to Jóni Vieira, Montis’ head of the volunteering programme if you would like to get involved or know of someone who might be interested in the programme.