38-year-old flamingo Amelie
© Francesca Di Blasi

Private nature reserve in Italy welcomes a very special flamingo!

Among the 150 flamingos that landed recently in the Natural Reserve Saline de Priolo on Sicily, there is a very special one – a 38-year-old female Amelie.

Amelie was borne and ringed in 1979. From 1979 to 1982, she remained around the wetlands of Sardinia and then moved to Tunisia. In 1985, she returned to Etg. du Fangassier - Bouches-du-Rhône and until the 2000s did not move from the French territory.

Saline di Priolo, a small reserve managed by Lipu, is the only breeding site for this species in Sicily since 2015. It gives satisfaction to see that, despite the many difficulties in the territory in which the reserve is situated, the important work done by the staff of Lipu, in the redevelopment and conservation of the protected area, delivers very good results. This improves the image of the entire territory of Priory and Syracuse.

Read the whole story on Lipu’s website (in Italian).