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Survey on the use of conservation easements: first results

On behalf of NABU and the ELCN, Inga Racinska of SIA Biota is currently preparing a study on the use and potential of conservation easements in the EU. First results show that conservation easements could be a promising tool to engage private landowners in voluntary nature conservation activities.

First results from an online questionnaire (n=93) show that the majority of EU private land conservation practitioners perceive a lack of adequate legal tools that allow organisations to engage private landowners in voluntary nature conservation activities and that conservation easements could be a promising tool helping to fill this gap. 62% of respondents have heard about conservation easements, but only 22% have actually used them in their own conservation work. A surprisingly high number of respondents to the survey would be interested in testing conservation easements and would welcome hands-on training in this regards. The full results of the study will be published in early 2020.