Montis International Work Camp summer 2019

During the week of 26 August to 1 September in Vieiro and Costa Bacelo, another international Montis Work Camp took place on two of the properties under Montis management.

With the aim of improving the landscape of the properties and riparian galleries, the activities during the camp involved the maintenance of access to be able to access more and unmanaged parts of the properties, control of invasive alien species, support of natural regeneration of native trees,  and ecological monitoring using photo cameras.

Dividing the tasks between the two properties, the week started with one of five workshops on natural engineering - learning techniques to construct natural and semi-natural barriers for water and soil retention. This was followed the next days by a workshop on bat capture and identification by the Paiva and Paivô river, a workshop on invasive species, learning techniques and about native and alien invasive species that surrounded us every day. Lastly, the week finished with an auditory workshop, to reflect on the sounds of the forests and what those sounds can tell us. 

Bringing together all the participants to give a hand to nature in Vieiro and Costa Bacelo and getting familiar with the work Montis does in marginal lands, this year’s workcamp ended with more than 600 interventions made (counting invasive species that were pulled out of the lands).